Tackling the C Programming Language

I’m finally back from hiatus. It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I’ll take some time in this post to share what I’ve learned during the time period. One of the thing I was always hesitant to approach while learning to program was C. This is because I had this image in my head that C is an extremely difficult language to learn. I remembered my friends told me that they hated writing C code because it is a low level language. They had to manually allocate memory, fiddling with pointers, and all the other good stuff C provided. Since I had time this summer, I decided to bite the bullet and finally sit down to learn C.
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Getting the Edge in Blackjack with Python

Picture of casino chips and cards
For the past several years in Maryland, there seemed to be a new casino opening up every other year. My first experience of going to the casino was for a friend’s birthday party back in college. We thought it would be an interesting experience to come in and check out the newest casino, Maryland Live!, that just opened up back then. When we got there, I was in awe at how much money people were blowing on games. People were laughing, yelling, and drinking while putting stacks and stacks of chips on the table. Then a friend pulled me over to a Blackjack table that had open seats and asked me to join him.
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Useful Python Tips

python tips
This is a collection of some useful Python tips since I first started learning the language. I found out about them through different projects, online courses, and code challenges. The caveat is that they are a bit all over the place. They range from setting up a virtual environment to more general Python tips. As I learn more about the language, I will update this post.

Before we start, I do want to say ahead of time that I will be using Python 3 and my OS is Ubuntu. When I use the terminal to type in command lines, it will be written for Linux. Click on the category link in the table of content if you want to jump directly to that category.
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Income Calculator Program

income calculator

The first thing I built with Python was an income calculator program. At the time, my job paid me an hourly rate. I had no fixed schedule and had to often come in to cover for my coworkers. My wages vary a lot every other week or so. I used to have to bring up the calculator app every week to crunch out the numbers. I had to remember how many hours I worked on each day of the week, add them all up together and multiply that to my wage. Thinking back on it now, it was really slow and tedious.

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