Tackling the C Programming Language

I’m finally back from hiatus. It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post. I’ll take some time in this post to share what I’ve learned during the time period. One of the thing I was always hesitant to approach while learning to program was C. This is because I had this image in my head that C is an extremely difficult language to learn. I remembered my friends told me that they hated writing C code because it is a low level language. They had to manually allocate memory, fiddling with pointers, and all the other good stuff C provided. Since I had time this summer, I decided to bite the bullet and finally sit down to learn C.
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Getting the Edge in Blackjack with Python

Picture of casino chips and cards
For the past several years in Maryland, there seemed to be a new casino opening up every other year. My first experience of going to the casino was for a friend’s birthday party back in college. We thought it would be an interesting experience to come in and check out the newest casino, Maryland Live!, that just opened up back then. When we got there, I was in awe at how much money people were blowing on games. People were laughing, yelling, and drinking while putting stacks and stacks of chips on the table. Then a friend pulled me over to a Blackjack table that had open seats and asked me to join him.
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Going down the Programming Rabbit Hole

Programming Rabbit Hole
If you want to start learning programming today, it’s very easy. There are so many resources available online that makes it seem like you can become a good programmer in no time at all. I did a quick google search for “how to learn python” and the first thing that pops up is a video titled How to Learn Python in Five Minutes. This video gives you a basic outline of the steps you need to take to become proficient at programming. But the title is extremely misleading. The path to become a programmer is not always linearly laid out as the speaker described.
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Taking a Look at Users of Accessible Websites

Black and White Photo of Locked Door
When I took a MOOC to learn HTML/CSS a while back, I remembered the instructor encouraged students to create accessible websites. I understood the premise behind it. By making accessible sites, I’d be able to reach a wider audience. Since not every user has access to a good computer with fast internet connection running the latest browser. It’s the same thing with parking at any given shopping area. There are a lot more normal parking spots than handicapped spots but they are there for a reason. People with disability can easily find the designated spots in a crowded parking lot.
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